Useful infos
Marking signs to follow

Pour vous orienter sur le terrain, les parcours de l'Espace Finis'Trail sont équipés de balises directionnelles trail apposées en complément du balisage randonnée / VTT existant. Les lames trail sont positionnées uniquement aux intersections d'itinéraires rando. Entre deux balises trail, suivre le balisage randonnée existant (couleur indiquée sur la lame trail)


Before your run :

  • Check the weather forecast before you leave, the itineraries can be dangerous in case of bad weather.
  • Find out about the state of the route
  • Before you leave Inform someone close to you of your itinerary and the planned timetables
  • Take water and food and drink

On the routes :

  • Please respect the natural and agricultural environments you pass through ;
  • Close the barriers after you have passed through
  • Stay on the paths and do not cut the laces.
  • All parts of the route using public roads are subject to the Highway Code.
  • Please make sure that you observe them.
  • Keep all your rubbish with you.

A problem ? Report it !

A problem ? Report it ! In the event of problem (lack of markings, maintenance problems, environmental problems...), do not hesitate to signal this problem by using the reporting tool available on the route page, on the website (button under the map) or in the mobile app. You will be able to geolocate the problem and also send a corresponding photo. The Espace manager will be automatically notified of your report and will be able to check and deal with the problem.